Volitve v dr¾avni zbor republike Slovenije 2004
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List of candidates participating in the elections to the National Assembly

List of candidates
AS - Active Slovenia
DeSUS - Democratic Party of Slovenian Pensioners
Democratic Party of Slovenia
Women's Voice of Slovenia - G®Z, Association for Primorsko - ZZP, Union of Independents of Slovenia - ZNS, New Democracy of Slovenia - NDS.
June List
LDS - Liberal Democracy of Slovenia
Advance, Slovenia
NSi - New Slovenia - Christian People's Party
SEG - Party of Ecological Movements
SJN - Slovenia is Ours
SDS - Slovenian Democratic Party

SNS - Slovenian National Party

SLS - Slovene People's Party
SMS - Youth Party of Slovenia
Social and Liberal Party
Party of the Slovenian Nation
The List for Enterprising Slovenia
United List of Social Democrats
The United for an Independent and Just Slovenia
Green Party of Slovenia
Marko Brecelj
Mihael Svanjak
Independent candidate Stefan Hudobivnik

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