As the highest electoral authority, the state election commission performs tasks provided by the National Assembly Elections Act and other acts concerning electoral legislation. Within the scope of its tasks, the state election commission in particular:

  1. works to ensure the legality of elections and the uniform application of electoral laws relating to the electoral process;
  2. appoints members of electoral commissions in constituencies and local electoral commissions;
  3. coordinates the work of electoral commissions in constituencies and local electoral commissions, and provides technical instructions concerning the implementation of electoral legislation, and supervises their work;
  4. prescribes forms for the implementation of electoral laws;
  5. sets uniform standards for election materials and determines other material conditions for carrying out election tasks;
  6. publishes the outcome of elections;
  7. issues confirmations of election;
  8. ensures ballots are held at diplomatic and consular representative offices of the Republic of Slovenia;
  9. organises training for members of other electoral bodies;
  10. appoints the director of the office of the commission.

The state election commission also performs other tasks provided by electoral laws.