Državna volilna komisija

National Council
The National Council is the representative body for social, economic, occupational and local interests. …more

National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
The National Assembly is composed of deputies who are citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. The Assembly numbers 90 deputies, who are elected in universal, equal, direct and secret ballots. They are representatives of the people, elected for a term of four years, provided of course that no early or extraordinary elections are called. They are not bound by any kind of instructions in their work. One deputy each from the Italian and Hungarian ethnic communities in Slovenia are always elected to the National Assembly. With the exception of the deputies from the Italian and Hungarian ethnic communities, deputies are elected through the proportional representation system, with a 4 percent threshold for taking a seat in the National Assembly. Voters have a decisive influence on the allocation of mandates to candidates. The voting system is regulated in detail by the National Assembly Elections Act. …more

European Parliament
Elections to the European Parliament take place in Member States of the European Union (the EU). On joining the EU, Slovenia gained the right and obligation to participate in the work of EU bodies. …more

Local elections
The main local government authority is a representative body that adopts basic decisions in the local community, and it is generally elected directly by local community residents. …more

President of the Republic of Slovenia
President of the Republic of Slovenia …more