Elections to the National Council

National Councillors are elected in indirect elections held within interest groups or local communities by voting bodies (i.e. via electors).


The right to vote and be elected as a member of the National Council is therefore held by a citizen of Slovenia who has reached the age of 18 on the day of the election and whose capacity to contract has not been removed. Members of the National Council are not elected on the basis of a universal voting right but on that of a ‘special’ voting right, as determined by the law for each interest group, i.e. their membership of an individual interest group or local community.


Under the relative majority principle, a seat is gained by the candidate with the highest number of votes. If two or more candidates receive the same number of votes, the election is decided by the drawing of lots.


The following have the right to vote for and be elected as members of the National Council:

  • representatives of employers, employees, farmers, tradespersons, independent professions and non-commercial activities (‘functional interests’), i.e. persons engaged in an appropriate activity or employed in Slovenia. Foreign nationals engaged in an appropriate activity or employed in Slovenia may elect members of the National Council from these interest groups under the same conditions as apply to citizens of Slovenia; however, they do not have the right to stand for election to the National Council;
  • representatives of local interests with permanent residence in a voting unit;
  • eighteen members of the National Council (representatives of functional interests), who are elected by electors’ election committees. Representatives of the electorate (electors) are elected by local interest groups in accordance with their rules.

The 22 members of the National Council, who are representatives of local interests, are elected by local communities. A maximum of 22 voting units, each covering one or more local communities, may be formed for the election of representatives of local interests. 


Members of the National Council are elected for a term of five years.