Državna volilna komisija

The electoral system in Slovenia
Elections at which voters choose their representatives are a prerequisite for the democratic formation of the most important bodies of the state. The electoral system encompasses such issues as who is entitled to vote, how elections are organised, how seats are apportioned, how the right to vote is safeguarded, and so on. A summary of the electoral system as it applies to elections to the National Assembly, presidential elections and elections to the European parliament is given below. …more

Voting at home
Voters who through illness cannot vote in person at the polling station where they are listed in the electoral register can vote before the election committee in their homes. …more

Voting at polling stations with disabled access
Pursuant to Article 79a polling stations must be made accessible to persons with disabilities. …more

Voting outside the district of permanent residence – “OMNIA”
Local electoral commissions will determine the OMNIA polling station where voters from another place can vote (e.g. a voter from Maribor wishes to vote in Ljubljana). Voters who will be away from their location of permanent residence on polling day and who wish to vote at a polling station outside their district of permanent residence, must communicate their intention to the local electoral commission. …more

Postal votes within Slovenia
The following persons may vote by post: those in the care of a home for the elderly who do not have permanent residence at the home; voters who are being treated at hospitals or health spas; voters who on polling day are in a penal institution. …more

Early voting
Voters who are absent on polling day may vote early at a special polling station at the headquarters of the local electoral commission, but no earlier than five days prior to polling day and no later than two days prior to polling day. …more

General voting
Voters on the electoral register usually vote at the polling station where they have their permanent residence. Local electoral commissions will send voters notifications about the number and location of the polling station, and about the serial number for their entry in the electoral register. The notification is for information only and voters are not required to bring it to the polling station. …more

Voting rights
Voting rights are the most important element of the electoral system. This is one of the fundamental political rights of citizens. A distinction is made between ACTIVE and PASSIVE voting rights. …more